The Best Ideogram AI Prompts


One of the most popular AI-generated images is Ideaogram, which competes against MidJourney and Leonardo AI. With this tool, you can create images and then turn them into art using the prompts. This has recently emerged in the AI industry as a way to generate images using natural language prompts.

You can use Ideaogram to create logos, typograms, and hyper-realistic images with a natural language prompt. Under the hood, Ideaogram uses an advanced diffusion model that can add typographical content, setting it apart from other similar models like DALL-E and MidJourney. In this article, we will share the best prompts that you can use to generate images. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

Best ideogram AI prompts

You can use an ideogram to create realistic and consistent images. It gives you the ability to create an image using a prompt and the diffusion model. To do this, you need to set up an account and then use it to generate images of typography and more. There are many use-case scenarios, such as marketers using it to create posters, quotes, book covers, etc., and it can be used to generate images with the prompt.

Ideogram AI – ChatGPT prompt
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Check out these few Ideogram AI prompts to generate images.

  • A strolling living dead bed with the inscription “The Strolling Bed” in the manner of the TV series The Strolling Deceased
  • A wax emblem in a simplistic manner. Simplistic outline of the goddess Hestia. Colour blend: blue, green, violet, gold. Utilise the subsequent inscription for the autograph: “Hestia. Idea Store.”.
  • A cranium with blossoms and trees, stain splatters, a gloomy backdrop, intricate trees and leaves, lettering, conceptual artwork, posters, architecture, and 3D rendering
  • Everything is crafted out of crochet, local neighbourhood suburbs, cinematic, and miniature.
  • A humpback whale with wings, vibrant 3D rendering, conceptual artwork
  • Diego Pablo Simeone as Peaky Blinder, supporters of Atletico de Madrid in the backdrop, grand, sombre, formidable, majestic stadium in the background, red and white hues, illustration, poster, cinematic
  • Melodic mountain vector illustration of dusk on the woodland, in the manner of Dan Mumford, aged aesthetic, compositions influenced by nature, sombre and melancholy landscapes, rounded spruce woodland landscapes
  • A diminutive robot in vector style with the title “Hello World,”, lettering, and graffiti.
  • A professional t-shirt design, round design, classic retro summer ambiance in an encircled circle, clear backdrop, tropical
  • Feline in Gangster Style 80, graffiti, 3D rendering, lettering
  • Compose in bubble text with a space theme the words “Gracie’s Chicken Diary” with an adorable baby chicken.
  • Text “INTRANET”. Legible. Electrifying style text, ink splatter, photorealistic, 3D rendering, 4K
  • 3D rendering emblem with the text “sabodos” in heavy metal western font, gleaming gold, sci-fi, sombre fantasy, 3D rendering, photograph, cinematic, painting, lettering, neon, cinematic.
  • Design a modest aesthetic emblem for a coffee shop with the word “Coffipedia,” include a coffee bean in the emblem, and keep the backdrop simple and minimal. , anime.
  • White “MOKS SPORTS” sport broadcasting emblem, vector, 4K, similar to ESPN, blue shield, white three-star white and red outline, lettering
  • 8K, stage in the theatre, curtain unveiled, and on the stage an immense inscription made of gold and diamonds, “ADAM.” In front of the inscription, there are flowers tossed by the audience, lettering, and photographs.
  • Sticker with text: “Hawaii Aloha”, wakeboarder on a wave, lettering
  • Emblem “Jeffrio” in graffiti style and Thailand’s culture in the background, lettering
  • Text “CrossFit Zone” in a lovely dumbbell graffiti emblem, clear backdrop, vector, painting, 3D rendering
  • Simplistic vector t-shirt design, graffiti text: “Baller Alert!”, Party gorilla, cigar, Las Vegas, cash, clear backdrop, graffiti, 3D rendering, illustration, lettering
  • A Vector T-shirt Design Art, A record player spinning vinyl records with musical notes and retro vibes Text “Groove to the Classics,”, lettering, illustration, poster
  • Godzilla in vintage Japanese comic book style with Godzilla text
  • A sticker of a Siberian cat, ebony brown fur, with yellow eyes, clutching a coffee cup, uttering “Coffee is Life!” In anime style.
  • Professional emblem, jubilant, cartoon style, Rob Lowe with petite grey hair, blue eyes, blue spectacles, grey shirt, appearing astute. Sticker format with white border
  • Vintage retrowave-style clipart emblem t-shirt design portraying a vintage vehicle with a sunset and palm tree. Text “SYNTH” lettering printed distinctly below, poster, 3D rendering, lettering
  • Design a captivating illustration of a vibrant, nostalgic vector artwork showcasing a plump swine indulging in a delectable plate of pasta. The phrase “bon appetit” elegantly adorns the piece, enveloped in typography that exudes retro charm. A harmonious blend of retro hues enhances the cinematic allure of this mesmerising poster.
  • Craft an exquisite logo for a mobile coffee trailer enterprise named “Coffee Muster.” This logo should encompass the essence of a swift and seamless coffee experience while exuding an air of sophistication and intrigue.
  • Unleash your artistic prowess and create a pixel-perfect t-shirt design that pays homage to the beloved Popeye cartoon. This captivating artwork should seamlessly merge the realms of illustration and conceptual art, leaving a lasting impression. A speech bubble adorned with the initials “GM” adds a playful touch to this vintage-inspired masterpiece.
  • Embark on a whimsical journey through time with a cartoonish vector representation of a distressed stick of butter. This endearing creation encapsulates the essence of vintage charm as the butter stick playfully dons a vibrant red wrapper emblazoned with the word “Butter.”
  • Immerse yourself in an artistic venture that combines the celestial allure of the sun, the enigmatic beauty of eyes, and the intricate patterns of a mandala. This conceptual art piece serves as a visual symphony, harmonising various elements to evoke a sense of enlightenment and wonder.
  • Delve into the captivating world of gothic literature and children’s books with a spellbinding composition that intertwines elements of fear, cuteness, and dark allure. Subdued colours, intricate details, and a touch of horror bring to life the works of Burton and Poe, while a peculiar upside-down perspective adds an element of strangeness to this hauntingly realistic masterpiece.
  • Witness a tale of bravery unfold as a samurai, armed with a formidable katana, prepares to engage in a fierce battle against an army of undead creatures. This epic scene takes place in a desolate feudal village, bathed in the ethereal glow of a sunset, exuding a sense of undeniable courage and determination.
  • Marvel at the architectural marvel that is the Leaning Tower of Pizza. This iconic structure stands tall, defying gravity and captivating all who behold its unique charm. A testament to the ingenuity of human craftsmanship, this masterpiece serves as a beacon of culinary delight.
  • Capture the essence of beauty and elegance with a stunning portrayal of a young woman adorned with knee-length flowing red locks, gracefully performing a majestic split. This ultra-realistic depiction, reminiscent of a cinematic fashion photoshoot, leaves viewers in awe of the model’s poise and the photographer’s skill.
  • Immerse yourself in the enigmatic atmosphere of a dark forest, where a burning Volvo 240 stands as a testament to the destructive forces of nature. This grainy analogue photograph, taken on a wintry night, evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue, leaving viewers captivated by the ethereal beauty of the scene.
  • Experience a close encounter of the extraterrestrial kind with a photorealistic depiction of an otherworldly creature. This detailed portrayal showcases an insect-like alien with a long neck and piercing black eyes, gazing directly into the camera lens. The sheer realism of this photograph leaves viewers questioning the boundaries of our universe.
  • Behold a truly awe-inspiring creation that seamlessly merges the elements of earth, fire, water, and air to form a majestic building. This photograph, captured with a cinematic flair, invites viewers on a journey of exploration, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur into a harmonious symphony of elements.
  • Embark on a spiritual journey as Pope Francisco stands atop a snow-capped mountain, offering prayers amidst a chaotic scene of destruction and devastation. The chilling sky serves as a backdrop for the inferno raging below, symbolising the delicate balance between faith and chaos in our world.
  • Bathe in the ethereal glow of individual rays of light as they cascade through a small window, illuminating a beautifully dark room. This cinematic 3D render captures the mesmerising beauty of light and shadow, creating a captivating atmosphere that transports viewers into a realm of pure enchantment.
  • Embark on a mystical journey through the realm of tarot cards with a baroque-inspired illustration. Delicate details adorn the card, depicting a teenager hunched over a small laptop, symbolising the power of knowledge and the digital age. The card, aptly named “The Nerd,” offers a thought-provoking glimpse into the modern world.
  • Transport yourself to the realm of artistic brilliance with a production movie frame still from a music video directed by the legendary Jodorowsky. Shot on high-quality film with an ASA 50 rating, this detailed composition showcases the masterful craftsmanship of Jodorowsky while retaining the nostalgic charm of analogue photography.
  • Unleash your creativity with a striking sticker design that exudes vintage charm. This retro badge logo features the sun and moon set against a backdrop of a lush forest, evoking a sense of adventure and the thrill of conquering challenges. The stars, each a different hue, adorn the design, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder.
  • Dive into the realm of futuristic aesthetics with a captivating t-shirt design that combines the enigmatic allure of aliens with the raw power of firearms. This 3D-rendered artwork, presented in a portrait photography style, showcases a seamless blend of typography and photo-realism, leaving viewers captivated by the wicked charm of the “Evil Twin.”
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of New York City with a vintage-inspired t-shirt design that celebrates the city’s iconic sunset silhouette. This evocative artwork, rendered in a distressed black style, captures the essence of urban life, juxtaposing typography and graffiti to create a visual symphony that pays homage to the enigmatic allure of the Big Apple.
  • Bender decal blueprint lands on the lunar surface with an antique grid of surreal Bauhaus-inspired blueprint principles, font style, illustration, and theoretical artwork.
  • logo for Gato Gang with a graffiti image of a trendy feline, gold, font style, 3D representation, graffiti
  • T-shirt blueprint in neon watercolour of a volcano A grey Damavand mountain with solely the pinnacle covered with snow, a sun on top of the mountain, a blue sky, and the twilight in the background
  • Vector T-shirt blueprint Vintage retro twilight distressed black style blueprint with a Volkswagen T1 van and the text “VAN LIFE “., 3D representation, graffiti, font style
  • design retro artwork with husky, theoretical artwork, 3D representation
  • pristine symbol logo with wording: LET’S GET STARTED, genuine figure of 3D rocket with bitcoin in the middle of the rocket, soaring up to the lunar surface, utilise cosmos with stars as background, illustration, poster, font style, vibrant
  • Vector T-shirt blueprint Vintage retro twilight distressed black style blueprint, immense mosque, Lahore city scene with the text “LAHORE”, font style, graffiti, 3D representation 4K, steampunk, 3D representation
  • text “Flamingo” on a white background and pink style with an Anthurium flower logo style.
  • Minimalistic professional cat brooch, concealing an abstract musical note, abstract theoretical artwork, 3D representation, font style
  • Blueprint is a symbol for a podcast called “The 1% Dad” about self-improvement, parenting, and marriage.
  • Golden Word David calligraphy connected a golden crown ring, machine, and a profound black background. 4K, 3D representation, font style
  • A trendy professional circular logo with the letters AIR in it with an aeroplane for an air ambulance company nurse
  • Liminal photo of the Atacama Desert black and white photography, Ilford Delta 3200, cinematic, flora and fauna photography
  • Film poster for Aliens with text LIVE LAUGH LOVE in capital letters at the bottom made of fluid metal, digital illustration, in style of Moebius and synthwave, font style, cinematic
  • The 610 logo, attire, and inscription are crafted from fabric, and the background is white.
  • Circular, append checkered windows, real estate, corporate, minimalist, professional company logo, with the text “SB“, large letters attached to a tall building, with windows, vector, the bottom says HAWAII
  • Blueprint the logo sancesa, nature, minimalistic, a brand about vitamins and personal care.
  • Magic Pixel has a vibrant logo with vivid colours and a top hat.
  • Generate a logo blueprint with the initials “Digi Hive” in 3D representation, vintage, cinematic, with a digital marketing style.
  • The word “Angie” in a metallic pink style with metallic flowers around the word, a light white background, bright colours, font style, 3D representation
  • text “flominga”. logo style with an anthurium flower surrounded by flowers.
  • Generate the opulent, sophisticated vector logo text “golden retrieve ‘n’ chill” in sticker format, font style, 3D representation, and vibrant
  • Generate a sophisticated and modern logo for NLX digital agency. Use colours that evoke creativity and confidence, architecture, vibrant photos, posters, and 3D representation.
  • Illustration logo of the “LioShine” word, inspired by Lion. Its simple design is highly detailed. With a white background, 3D representation, and fashion.
  • Logo of the “SatishJadhavji” word, inspired by nature. Simple design, highly detailed. Typography.
  • A captivating emblem is desired for a lamp brand known as “JW Coaching”. The design should be meticulously crafted, resembling a cinematic masterpiece, with intricate details that highlight the essence of the product. The typography should be chosen thoughtfully, complementing the overall aesthetic. Additionally, the logo should incorporate a captivating photograph.
  • In a mesmerising display of creativity, the word “2024” takes on the form of a majestic Chinese dragon in this logo design. The concept is elegantly simple, yet the vector style adds depth and intrigue. The transformation and twist in the assembly of the dragon symbol create a compelling visual narrative.
  • Imagine an exquisite logo that radiates with a golden hue, adorned with the enchanting text “Milanto”. The design is rendered in mesmerising 3D, with the outline of a butterfly delicately placed atop the text. Against a backdrop of midnight black, this logo exudes sophistication and allure. The resolution is a remarkable 16K, ensuring flawlessness in every detail.
  • Introducing the IMPERIO RODMEL logo, where the colours rose gold and black intertwine harmoniously. This fusion creates a sense of elegance and distinction, evoking a feeling of opulence and refinement.
  • Embark on a visual journey with a logo that captures the essence of a Trojan helmet, flag, and shield in a perspective view. Each element signifies an era of heroism and athletic prowess, while the dark and bloody tones add a hint of intensity. The typography boldly displays the text “INVICTUS NEUSS”. With a transparent background, this logo possesses a sci-fi allure that is sure to captivate. It is a striking illustration that embodies the fashion and cinematic qualities of a poster.
  • A tech company seeks a vector logo that embodies their essence. The text proudly displays “Developmizer”, with highly detailed precision. The logo sits against a white backdrop, symbolising simplicity and purity.
  • Capture the essence of a landscape photographer with an iconic vector logo for a company named “Luminessence”. This design encapsulates the beauty of nature and the artistry of photography.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of a mystifying ninja with the logo “outline of face ninja mixed with text hardmente”. The silhouette is crafted with meticulous attention to lighting and high definition, creating an alluring visual experience.
  • Experience the power of the letter “K” in a captivating logo. The creative and colourful sign is crafted from smoke and herbs, set against a dramatic black background. The artistic rendering, with ultra-realistic smoke effects, showcases incredible details and rich colors. Drawing inspiration from the styles of Dan Mumford and Daniel Merriam, this logo is a stunning masterpiece in 3D.
  • The OkDojo logo takes on a hyper-realistic form, featuring a chibi karate master in a fiery dojo. The words “OK” and “Dojo” complete the design, adding a touch of playfulness and enthusiasm.
  • Introducing the modern “RAKHA” logo, which emulates a brand new concept. Above the logo, text is added to enhance the cinematic and high-detail aesthetic.
  • The logo for “Yeboster” draws inspiration from the wonders of nature. Its simple yet highly detailed design evokes a sense of elegance and sophistication, while the typography adds a touch of charm.
  • A logo for a scout organisation is envisioned, featuring the fleur de lis in a vibrant shade of blue. The heart-shaped rope represents the core of a scout, symbolising their compassionate nature. The reef knot signifies friendship, while the silhouette of a carabao adds a touch of cultural significance. The typography, accompanied by the name “Trailblazer Scouting Community”, creates a harmonious blend of colours in blue, red, yellow, and white.

With these prompts, you can generate images. These prompts are quite easy to use and can generate images. You will get a lot of benefits from generating words that focus on style, tone, composition, and other considerations. Try out these prompts to generate images, and make sure you use descriptive prompts that include colour, contours, shape, size, and other aspects.

Users can sign up with a Google account to start using the limited trial to generate images with these prompts. By selecting the dimension and style, you can generate images with an Ideogram. You can join the Ideogram community on Discord and upgrade for $10 per month. You can fine-tune the AI-generated content and enjoy the benefits of generating your photorealistic images and artwork.

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