Sunfeast Dark Fantasy AI Campaign: Bringing Fans’ Fantasies to Life with Shah Rukh Khan


Sunfeast Dark Fantasy is taking fan engagement to new heights with their latest ‘#MyFantasyAdWithSRK’ campaign. Using cutting-edge generative AI technology, the brand is giving fans the chance to star in an ad alongside Bollywood superstar and new Dark Fantasy brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan.

The innovative campaign truly brings to life the essence of “Har Dil Ki Fantasy” by making fans’ dreams of sharing the screen with SRK a reality. In this article, we explore how Sunfeast Dark Fantasy uses AI to bridge the gap between imagination and reality and pioneer a new era of branded content powered by technology.

The campaign

ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has teamed up with media partner IPG and technology provider Akool to develop a GenAI-powered campaign that allows fans to recreate Sunfeast Dark Fantasy ads featuring SRK with just a selfie.

After uploading their selfie, fans can see themselves starring alongside SRK in a replica of the Dark Fantasy ad thanks to generative AI and machine learning. Fans are encouraged to share their personalized ads on social media using #MyFantasyAdWithSRK.

For the first time in India, this groundbreaking use of AI allows fans to step into their imaginations and play alongside their idol SRK. It brings to life the ‘Har Dil Ki Fantasy’ platform in an imaginative way, powered by technology.

Bringing fantasies to life with AI

The #MyFantasyAdWithSRK campaign uses generative adversarial networks (GANs), a type of AI where two neural networks compete to generate new, realistic results. The AI ​​has been extensively trained in the visual representation of SRK and Dark Fantasy’s signature advertising style.

By analyzing the user’s selfie and these visual references, the AI ​​can convincingly generate a video of the user alongside SRK in a Dark Fantasy advertising environment. The machine learning models ensure that the user is seamlessly integrated into the advertisement, bringing his or her imagination to life.

Advanced techniques such as attention mechanisms focus the AI ​​on relevant details such as gestures, backgrounds and lighting to further refine the quality. This AI-powered experience gives fans the unique opportunity to engage with the brand in an incredibly personal, imaginative way.

Raising the bar for branded content

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy raises the bar when it comes to innovation and creativity in branded content. Their AI-powered campaign creates a new paradigm for marketing in the digital age.

Speaking about the groundbreaking campaign, Ali Harris Shere, COO of ITC Foods, said Dark Fantasy responds directly to fans’ fantasies of a more meaningful relationship with brand ambassador SRK. By turning these dreams into virtual reality, the brand is creating a more immersive, technology-led experience.

SRK also noted how the campaign uses technology to turn imagination into reality in an exciting way. The user-generated ads allow him to engage with his fans and become part of their lives in a more interactive, personalized way.

Key learning points

Here are some of the key highlights of how the #MyFantasyAdWithSRK campaign innovates brand content with AI:

  • First-of-its-kind use of generative AI in Indian advertising
  • It allows users to star alongside SRK in a Dark Fantasy ad replica
  • Turns fans’ dreams of interacting with their idol into a virtual reality
  • Shows the power of technology to bridge imagination and reality
  • Opens up new possibilities for personalized, immersive brand campaigns
  • Places the audience’s fantasies and desires at the heart of branded content
  • Gives fans a unique opportunity to interact with SRK and Dark Fantasy

The innovative use of AI shows how technology can improve brand content and user engagement. Dark Fantasy’s campaign sets the stage for more brands to use new technology like generative AI to change the face of marketing in India.

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Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s #MyFantasyAdWithSRK campaign allows fans to live out their fantasy of sharing screen space with Shah Rukh Khan in a groundbreaking way. By using generative AI to merge fan selfies with SRK in a mock ad, the brand delivers an imaginative, tech-led experience that fosters real user connections.

The GenAI-powered campaign brings to life the essence of “Har Dil Ki Fantasy” by turning dreams into a virtual reality. It represents a significant evolution of branded content through the innovative use of technology. As more brands explore how they can leverage emerging technology to create immersive user experiences, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has set the bar high with a campaign that empowers fans to turn their imaginations into reality alongside their idol SRK.

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