Jenni AI Sign Up, Login and Use


Jenni AI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help you create high-quality content faster. With features like auto-complete, paraphrasing, outlining, and more, Jenni aims to increase your productivity and take the pain out of writing. This guide will walk you through signing up for an account, logging in, and using some of Jenni’s key features.

Sign up for Jenni AI

Getting started with Jenni is quick and easy. Just go to their registration page and you can register in different ways:

Sign in to Google

The fastest option is to sign in with your Google account. Just click the ‘Sign in with Google’ button and sign in to your Google account when prompted. This will automatically create your Jenni account using your Google profile information.

Sign up with email

You can also sign up by entering your name, email address and a password. Make sure you use an email address you have access to as Jenni will send a confirmation email to activate your account.

Once you complete the sign-up, you can explore Jenni’s features as a free user or upgrade to a paid subscription to unlock additional capabilities.

Log in to your Jenni AI account

To log back into Jenni after signing up, go to the Jenni login page and enter the email address and password you registered with.

If you have signed in with Google, you can simply click the ‘Sign in with Google’ button again to gain immediate access with the same login details.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your Jenni dashboard with options to create a new document, view your existing documents, or view some of Jenni’s key features.

How to use Jenni AI

Jenni comes with a number of excellent features to increase your writing productivity, creativity and quality. Here are some of the most popular tools to try:

AI autocomplete

The AI ​​Autocomplete feature is like having a little AI writer inside Jenni that makes suggestions as you type. It provides relevant additions to your sentences and thoughts, helping you process ideas faster.

To use it, simply type a sentence and Jenni will provide autocomplete recommendations. Press “Tab” to accept a suggestion.

Paraphrasing and rewriting

Do you have difficulty rephrasing or rephrasing a section of text correctly? Jenni’s paraphrasing tool will help you further.

Simply highlight the text you want to rephrase and click “Paraphrase Selection” from the pop-up menu. Jenni automatically rewrites it using synonyms and modified sentence structures, while retaining the original meaning.

You can then easily switch between the original and paraphrased versions to use what fits best.

Outline builder

Jenni’s outline builder lets you visually plan and organize a document by structuring sections, subsections, and bullet points.

Click ‘New Outline’ to get started, then use the menu to add headings, subpoints and notes. Rearrange sections by dragging and dropping.

If you have an AI-powered outline in addition to your writing, you can easily translate an initial idea structure into a finished article or essay.

In-text citations

Formatting citations and bibliographies correctly can be difficult. Jenni handles this seamlessly through integration with your existing research library.

When writing academic articles, simply place double brackets around a resource from your library (e.g [[Smith 2021]]). Jenni automatically generates and formats citations, both inline and in the bibliography.

No more hassle with styles or losing track of sources!


Signing up for Jenni AI takes just minutes, giving you almost instant access to premium AI writing help. The ability to streamline research, rewrite text on the fly, brainstorm ideas through AI autocomplete, and automatically generate quotes makes Jenni a valuable asset to any writer.

Whether you’re drafting blog posts, academic papers, speeches, or books, let Jenni help you increase your productivity so you can spend more time on quality writing instead of busy work. Sign up today to supercharge your next writing project!

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