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Chingu AI offers users a free trial to explore the AI-powered platform, but use beyond the trial period requires a paid subscription of $17.99 per month.

Overview of free trials

The Chingu AI free trial allows new users to test and experience the platform’s core capabilities, including:

  • Generating content
  • Access to 30+ experienced AI agents/virtual assistants
  • Task automation and quality assurance

During the trial period, users can use Chingu AI’s natural language processing technology to produce written content such as blog posts, research papers and more. The platform can also generate high-quality videos, with preferences for narrator voices, orientation and more.

Additionally, Chingu AI offers templates and pre-designed assets to streamline content creation within the platform.

However, specific restrictions or limits around query volumes, output lengths, etc. are not clearly publicly documented. Enabling Chingu AI support would provide more transparency on the exact restrictions or limits applied to free trial users.

Prices after free trial

Once the indefinite free trial period ends, continued use of Chingu AI will require an upgrade to a paid subscription.

The platform operates on a subscription pricing model, currently offered for $17.99 per month. This enables continued access to the full suite of Chingu AI tools and services after the trial period.

Key features you can unlock with a paid subscription include:

  • Unlimited content generation
  • Video creation
  • Asset templates
  • 30+ AI agents
  • Multilingual support
  • Ad-free experience

Core capabilities

Chingu AI aims to improve productivity and efficiency for modern content creators through its artificial intelligence technology.

Key capabilities of the platform include:

Automated content creation

Using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Chingu AI can quickly generate high-quality blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers and other written content.

Intelligent video generation

The platform can produce both short and long videos, integrating preferences in narrator voices, music, stock footage, images and more.

Simplified workflows

Chingu AI provides templates and pre-designed elements such as images, icons and charts to accelerate content development. The interface also simplifies setting language preferences.

Virtual assistant support

More than 30 AI agents with specialized skills are available to help users with research, drafting, proofing, and optimizing content.

Final thoughts

Chingu AI offers users an intriguing free trial to experience its automated content creation and optimization capabilities. But beyond the unspecified trial duration, continued access requires a paid subscription of $17.99/month. Verifying certain limitations around trial use requires direct confirmation from Chingu AI’s customer service team.

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