Is Amazon Q Chatbot Free? Pricing and Costs for Amazon’s AI Assistant


Amazon recently announced Amazon Q, an AI-powered chatbot aimed at helping businesses improve efficiency, decision-making and innovation. With conversation skills for a wide range of workplace tasks, Amazon Q promises to revolutionize the way we work. But is this next-generation assistant available for free? Or does using Amazon Q incur costs?

Amazon Q Pricing Plans

Amazon Q will not be a free service. It will operate on a paid subscription model with two pricing plans available:

Amazon Q Business

  • $20 per user per month
  • Includes features such as quick access to business knowledge, content generation, task completion, and integrations with common business software platforms

Amazon Q Builder

  • $25 per user per month
  • Includes all Amazon Q Business features plus specialized guidance and automation for developers using AWS

These prices reflect the current preview period. Final pricing details will be announced soon once Amazon Q moves from preview to general availability.

What is included for free during the preview

The Amazon Q preview period provides early access so businesses can evaluate the technology before launch. During this time, Amazon has created many key capabilities are available at no cost in Amazon Q Business and Builder.

For example, the ability to:

  • Chat with Amazon Q via the web or messaging apps
  • Connect Amazon Q to workplace data sources
  • Ask questions and receive automated answers
  • Generate content such as summaries, reports and creative texts
  • Complete tasks such as opening support tickets

So while final pricing will apply later, this is an opportunity to experience Amazon Q’s help for free to determine if it can add value to your business.

Potential costs to take into account

While the basic Amazon Q subscription covers a lot, there are some additional costs to consider:

Data storage costs

  • Billed based on the amount of data indexed for Amazon Q to reference
  • Starts at 100 hours per month for the first storage unit
  • Each unit after that costs $100 per month

Complementary services

  • Access to Amazon Q features in additional services (such as QuickSight dashboards) may incur fees
  • For example, QuickSight costs start at $9/month for basic Amazon Q integration

User licenses

  • Access to Amazon Q requires a license for each employee user
  • The costs therefore scale directly with the total number of users

Feature upgrades

  • More extensive capabilities may be launched later as add-ons with separate pricing
  • For example, higher levels of task automation or customization may incur costs

Usage exceeded

  • Potential future costs if usage exceeds plan limitations
  • For example, exceeding speaking time or completed actions above the monthly quota

Comparison of Amazon Q Business vs. Builder prices

The two main Amazon Q plans differ by just $5 per user per month. But Builder offers additional capabilities for developers using AWS cloud services:

Amazon Q Business

  • $20 per user per month
  • Features that help every employee save time with AI support that optimizes for their company’s unique systems and data

**Amazon Q-Builder**

  • $25 per user per month
  • Everything in Business plus advanced integration for coders using AWS
  • Includes customized guidance for AWS projects plus coding tools such as debugging assistance

That’s why Amazon Q Builder offers specialized AI to increase the productivity of software engineers and cloud developers. For non-technical staff, the Business Plan provides robust general workplace support.

How chatbot prices compare to alternatives

Most AI chatbots on the market today focus on customer service, marketing, and other specialized functions. But as a multi-function business productivity tool, Amazon Q has few direct competitors. The closest alternatives fall into two categories:

Custom chatbots

  • Typically cost more than $100,000 for initial construction
  • Ongoing costs for maintenance, upgrades, hosting
  • Limited focus on specific business problems

General AI assistants

  • Average $7 – $50 per month per user
  • Lack of integration with internal business systems
  • Less functionality than standard questions and answers

What sets Amazon Q apart is its versatility, combined with adaptability to the unique requirements of each business. And its price is comfortably within the range of solutions that offer a fraction of comparable capabilities.

Amazon Q Specialized Pricing Programs

In addition to the core Business and Builder plans, Amazon Q integrates with other services such as QuickSight dashboards and Connect contact centers. These add-ons have their own pricing terms:

Amazon Q for QuickSight

  • Included as standard with Business & Builder
  • QuickSight charges additional fees starting at $9/month
  • Adds capabilities such as data storytelling and analysis to Amazon Q

Amazon Q for Connect

  • Currently in free preview until March 2024
  • Then $40 per month per agent using Amazon Q capabilities

So if you already use tools like QuickSight or Connect, an upgrade to Amazon Q could impact your budget. But it brings major productivity benefits that can offset the costs.

The most important thing about Amazon Q pricing

While the exact details are still in flux until the official launch of Amazon Q, all signs point to competitive and flexible pricing that is well in line with value. Starting at just $20 per month per user, both small businesses and enterprises can benefit.

Crucially, the preview period offers full functionality for free for now. Interested companies can therefore validate the ROI before committing to a budget. In the future, surpluses or add-ons may increase costs incrementally. But the basic plans will remain affordable even at scale for thousands of users.

Because of the productivity gains, custom integration, and breadth of features available, Amazon Q’s pricing stands out as generous. The AI ​​assistant promises to quickly pay dividends across functions like never before. Unlocking such workflows and insights for as little as $15-$25 per month represents a bargain for many modern businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Amazon Q Pricing

Here are answers to some common questions businesses may have about what Amazon Q will cost:

Question: Does the price per user decrease with higher user volumes?

A: Not according to current price examples. But discounted enterprise packages may be an option later.

Q: Can I measure ROI or truly know value before committing to a budget?

A: Yes – take advantage of Amazon Q for free now as a preview before final purchasing decisions are made.

Q: What happens after the preview ends if we don’t pay?

A: You no longer have access to Amazon Q capabilities. But set data or integrations can be resumed if you subscribe later.

Q: Who needs Business versus Builder plans?

A: Business suits most employees. Builder adds coding tools specifically for developers.

Question: What integrations or data are subject to additional charges?

A: QuickSight dashboards and Connect contact centers may incur additional charges. Plus excess data storage.

Q: What could make costs higher over time?

A: Potential future add-ons for advanced features or additional costs may increase expenses incrementally.

Q: How does the cost compare to custom chatbot development?

A: Much lower. Custom bots cost more than $100,000 to build, not including running costs.

Q: Does the business plan allow AWS integrations?

A: No – only Builder includes customized recommendations and optimization for AWS developers.

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