India’s Own AI’ Developed By Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal


India recently unveiled Krutrim AI, the first full-stack artificial intelligence solution designed specifically for the Indian context. At a launch event in Bangalore, Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal introduced this breakthrough model that is poised to transform technology innovation in the country.

Krutrim AI: A Quick Overview

  1. Symbolic name: the recently launched AI model Krutrim has a name derived from Sanskrit that means ‘artificial intelligence’. This signifies its identity as an authentically Indian AI, aiming to resonate with the country’s linguistic diversity, according to CNBCTV18.
  2. Multilingual capability: Krutrim demonstrates an advanced understanding of 20 Indian languages ​​and can generate content in 10 languages ​​such as Hindi, Marathi and Telugu. Industry experts have hailed this opportunity as an important step towards linguistic inclusivity.
  3. Localized context: CEO Aggarwal emphasized that, unlike Western AI models, Krutrim is tailor-made to capture cultural nuances unique to India through extensive localization.
  4. Robust training: With over 2 trillion conversation tokens processed, Krutrim has undergone rigorous training that exceeds the capabilities of global models GPT-4 for Indian languages.
  5. Data dominance: Krutrim also has supremacy in the amount of Indian data, with 20x more tokens than alternatives to enable deeper representation of Indian contexts.
  6. Voice-First functionality: users can communicate with it Krutrim via both text and speech. This speech-based input/output further improves accessibility and simulates natural conversations.
  7. Coding Skills: In an intriguing demo, Krutrim featured advanced real-time coding based only on a prompt outlining parameters, positioning it as a developer’s delight.
  8. Upcoming improvements: An improved multimodal version called Krutrim Pro is scheduled for launch next quarter and promises even more advanced AI reasoning and task execution.
  9. Vision for Indian AI: Aggarwal shared his goal for India to achieve global AI leadership. Locally built models such as Krutrim fuel cultural expression over westernized technology dominance.
  10. Public availability: from Krutrim base LLM model will be available from next month. APIs are also slated for release in February to drive innovation across industries, ushering in a new AI era for India.

Krutrim’s abilities and training

The Sanskrit name “Krutrim” means artificial and reflects the model’s identity as a unique Indian AI creation. Krutrim has proficiency in understanding 20 Indian languages ​​and generating content in 10, including major languages ​​like Hindi, Marathi and Telugu.

The depth of Krutrim’s linguistic capabilities comes from extensive training on a massive dataset of 2 trillion tokens. Tokens refer to subword units used in natural language conversations. By processing trillions of Indic language tokens, Krutrim has acquired advanced comprehension and generative skills in these languages.

The model combines this intensive foundation of Indian data with refining ample Indian data to understand cultural nuances. Aggarwal highlighted the cultural contextualization of Krutrim, from capturing the richness of India’s heritage to resonating with contemporary Indian values ​​and aspirations.

Is Krutrim AI comparable to GPT-4?

Krutrim claims superiority over all other existing models in the field of Indian language proficiency. Specifically, it contains 20 times more Indian data than any other model.

Comparative testing against industry benchmarks showed that Krutrim outperformed GPT-4 and other similarly sized models on tasks like reading comprehension, common sense reasoning, and more. This demonstrates Krutrim’s advantage in understanding the languages ​​and contexts of India.

Fashion model Specialized Indian data Benchmark performance
Krutrim 20x more Indian data than alternatives Outperforms GPT-4 and other industry models
GPT-4 Minimal Indian data Backlog in Indian tasks

What are the features of Krutrim AI?

In addition to pure language proficiency, Krutrim delivers groundbreaking functionalities that are tailored to the Indian AI landscape.

The model processes both text and speech with ease. Users can submit both written and spoken input, with Krutrim flawlessly interpreting the question and responding appropriately. This voting option enhances natural interaction and accessibility for millions of Indians.

Krutrim also showed off coding skills during the launch event. In a compelling live demo, the model generated quality code in real time when given a basic prompt outlining the parameters. This tantalizing functionality could be a game-changer for India’s vast developer community.


● Multilingual competence: Krutrim has the capacity to generate content in 10 Indian languages ​​and understands a total of 22 languages.

● Extensive Indian data training: Over 2 trillion different Indian language tokens enabled detailed cultural and linguistic understanding.

● Localization for context understanding: Significant Indian datasets allowed for absorption of nuances spanning the diversity of cultures/expressions.

● Interpretation of Indian scripts: Krutrim uses a proprietary tokenizer technique tailored to handle languages ​​written in native scripts such as Devanagari.

● Benchmark leadership across metrics: testing versus comparable language models proven from Krutrim decisive advantage in accuracy/understanding via benchmarks such as MMLU, PIQA etc.

● Availability in two versions: Basic LLM in addition to premium Krutrim Pro with enhanced reasoning and functionality focused on complex tasks.

● Ola CEO’s AI Startup Creation: Bhavish Aggarwal’s company Krutrim Si unveiled this locally optimized model called “India’s AI”, trained/structured for domestic conditions.

● Sanskrit name meaning artificiality: True to the name meaning ‘artificial’ in ancient Indian language, Krutrim promises AI advances tailored for national benefit.

The launch positions Krutrim as a potential turning point for India to leverage AI innovation that matches global progress while retaining its cultural roots.

The brains behind the operation

The brain behind Krutrim is close to home. Unlike alternatives that rely on Western data paradigms, Krutrim comes straight from Indian soil.

Krutrim Si Designs, Aggarwal’s AI startup based in Bangalore and Silicon Valley, has developed the model from the ground up, specifically for domestic needs. The project team leveraged their local expertise in Indian languages, cultures and consumer expectations to build Krutrim for optimal national benefit.

This variant of AI nationalism positions Krutrim as a source of cultural pride and progress rather than another imported solution that is ill-suited to the country. Krutrim appears poised to accelerate India’s transition to an AI-powered future based on national identity.

Launch timelines and accessibility

The launch of Krutrim heralds a new era of AI innovation opportunities for businesses, developers and everyday consumers. The basic LLM model will be available to the Indian public from next month. Krutrim will additionally release APIs for developers to support broad applications across industries and use cases.

Those keen on early access can register interest on the Krutrim website with basic contact details. The site promises quick notification on the product release next month.

The future of Krutrim

The initial rollout focuses on the basic Krutrim model described above. But the roadmap shows even more advanced capabilities via Krutrim Pro in the coming months.

This enhanced version offers multimodal functionalities, advanced reasoning and complex task execution, suitable for high-impact vertical markets.

Krutrim’s unveiling sets the stage for India to achieve global leadership in contextually tailored, indigenously produced AI like no other. This homegrown model appears poised to redefine technological innovation and economic growth while maintaining national identity. Krutrim’s promise rests on its potential to propel India into a bright AI-powered future, on its own terms, for its own people.

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