How To Use JetBrains AI?


JetBrains AI is an ingenious new tool that helps developers write better code faster. Seamlessly integrated into JetBrains IDEs such as IntelliJ and PyCharm, this AI assistant optimizes the coding process every step of the way – from explaining complex code to generating entire functions on-demand.

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How do you use JetBrains AI?

The installation is a piece of cake

Installing the JetBrains AI plugin takes just a few clicks. In your IDE settings, open the Marketplace tab and search for “AI Assistant”. Click Install, restart your IDE and prepare to unlock your full coding capabilities.

When you launch your new AI-powered IDE, simply click the AI ​​Assistant icon in the right toolbar. Log in to activate the advanced AI features tailored specifically to your projects. That’s it: with just a basic setup, JetBrains AI is ready to supercharge your workflow.

Speak naturally to better understand code

JetBrains AI allows developers to query code snippets in completely natural language. Just highlight a piece of code and right-click to open the AI ​​Assistant menu.

Choose ‘Explain Code’ and let the AI ​​parse complex functions or libraries into clear explanations. It analyzes the code contextually, taking into account the programming languages ​​and frameworks in your project to provide the most relevant clarification. The AI ​​even suggests possible fixes for broken code, as explained.

With JetBrains AI you can easily clarify concepts that even seasoned programmers struggle with. Use it as a teacher to capture coding best practices or as a collaboration tool to simplify complex code discussions.

AI-generated suggestions streamline coding

Stuck with a coding problem? Not sure how to structure a complex function? Create a blank while trying to name a variable? JetBrains AI comes to the rescue by offering AI-generated suggestions and additions with just a few keystrokes.

Place your cursor anywhere in your code if you need some inspiration. Open the AI ​​Assistant menu and choose ‘Generate Code’. The AI ​​immediately produces viable suggestions tailored to that part of your code by analyzing the surrounding context – from entire function frameworks to smaller snippets such as variable names or parameters.

View the AI’s suggestions in handy diff windows that show exactly what to insert and where. For larger code generations, the AI ​​even explains its logic to justify its choices. Once you find the perfect addition, you can insert it into your codebase with one click.

By letting AI handle the coding tasks by rote, you can stay focused on the logic and structure of the big picture. Because there is always inspiration, JetBrains AI ensures that projects move quickly towards completion.

Automate repetitive coding documentation

An undeniably tedious part of coding is producing the reams of associated documentation. But with JetBrains AI, programmers can finally automate repetitive documentation tasks and focus their energy on higher-level tasks.

When documentation is needed for classes, functions or variables, just call up the trusted AI assistant instead of manually entering comments. Select your code and then choose ‘Write Documentation’ to let the AI ​​automatically document tricky details.

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JetBrains AI generates professional, consistent documentation much faster than writing it yourself, while taking code context into account to focus the documentation exactly where you need it. Documentation automatically stays up to date because the AI ​​regenerates it almost instantly when the associated code is changed.

Now developers can build programs unhindered by constant pauses to document code or look for clarification of existing documentation. JetBrains AI takes the burden of documentation off the shoulders of programmers for good!

Seamless refactoring with AI-recommended improvements

Even in a thoughtfully designed codebase, opportunities for improvement arise over time as new features become increasingly complex. But attempting large-scale refactors manually takes tedious hours of risky trial and error.

JetBrains AI simplified the entire refactoring process by providing smart suggestions exactly when you need to adjust the code architecture. Go to the “Refactor” menu in the AI ​​Assistant to receive structural redesign ideas tailored to the specific module you are currently working on.

The AI ​​takes the surrounding architecture and functionality into account when suggesting impactful refactorings suitable for your use case. It even provides thorough explanations of the benefits of adopting each suggestion, so developers fully understand how suggested changes will optimize programs.

By outsourcing refactoring brainstorming to AI algorithms, programmers save energy for the fun, creative parts of coding. And they benefit from machine-learned best practices without having to juggle documentation or attend time-consuming training seminars.


In an industry that is advancing exponentially, developers who integrate AI now will enjoy a huge competitive advantage. Master new skills and codebases faster, debug more efficiently, automate dreary tasks, and improve your work endlessly with the JetBrains AI Assistant.

AI-based coding is not the future; it’s the new reality, with groundbreaking tools like JetBrains AI leading the way. Don’t settle for coding solo, when instead you can code alongside the most advanced AI partner in history! Go ahead, expand your potential and let JetBrains AI Assistant help you create your coding masterpiece today.

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