How To Fix: “Please Sign In To Continue Your Chat In Bing Chat”


ChatGPT Plus and an alternative to GPT-4 to use for free is Bing Chat. It is useful, but can process tasks such as text, images and music with natural language cues. So if you’re new to Microsoft Bing Chat, you may have encountered the “Sign in to continue chatting” error. This is quite easy to solve. The error message may also appear if users are logged in to Bing Chat. Today in this article, we share some troubleshooting tips to fix the Bing Chat error: “Sign in to continue chatting.”

Bing Chat is not available in all browsers. There are limitations for other browsers besides Edge, but some extensions allow you to use Bing Chat AI in your browser. The error message usually occurs when the information is not updated. Microsoft allows a limited number of users to send API requests to generate free content without having to sign in with a Microsoft account. To get the most out of Bing Chat, users are advised to sign in with Microsoft Accounts. This allows users to sync history, support plugins and continue conversations up to 30 times. Let us know the troubleshooting steps. Below you will find step-by-step instructions.

  • Network problems, such as slow internet speeds.
  • Corrupt browser data, errors due to corrupted browser data, or issues with individual browser sessions.
  • Several users suggested that crucial information was missing. Update that information.

Sign in to Bing Chat.

If you’ve reached your conversation limits on Bing Chat, you’ll need to sign in with a Microsoft account to resolve the issue.

  1. Open BingChat.
  2. Then click ‘Sign in’ in the top navigation bar to proceed and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  3. That is it! Then you can start using Bing Chat. Once you’re logged in, you can continue Bing Chat conversations.

Delete local storage and session storage.

If you’re still having issues, it could be due to conflicting local data and session storage data in the Edge browser.

  1. Open Bing Chat, right-click and click “Inspect” (or use Ctrl + Shift + I).
  2. Then go to “Applications” and go to “Local Storage” to expand.
  3. Right-click and select “Erase” from the context menu. Now refresh the browser and start using Bing Chat without any errors.

Bing Chat: “Bing, sign in to continue chatting.” Fix the problem

Here are some preliminary checks you can perform to troubleshoot the problem: Check out the instructions below:

  • Open Bing Chat in incognito mode. You do not need to log in.
  • Try it with a different network: You can access Bing Chat using a different network or a VPN connection.
  • Check the Internet: Open a new tab and go to to check if the internet is working. If you do not have an active or stable Internet connection, contact your Internet service provider to resolve the Internet problem.
  • Refresh the page. A simple refresh (hard refresh: F5 or clicking the refresh button in the address bar) can sometimes solve the problem. Even after logging in, you may experience problems due to a temporary glitch.
  • Close the browser or update the browser. The latest update may help you solve the problem. Alternatively, you can close and restart the browser to check Bing Chat.
  • Update your date of birth and country: If you recently created a Microsoft account or if the Microsoft account doesn’t have your date of birth or country, update it. To update it, go to the Microsoft account, then Manage account in the top right corner of the page and choose Your information. From the profile information, select Update your date of birth and country or region accordingly.
  • Clear browsing data: Browsers store files, but sometimes they can conflict or become corrupted. Simply clear your cache and cookies in Bing Chat to check if the error gets fixed.
  • Disable AdBlocker: You can start by disabling the most recent extension. Add-ons can conflict with extensions, so disable the ad blocker or any other suspicious extension or permanently remove the extensions to avoid conflicts.

Also ensure that no penalties are imposed on your account, as this may result in a ban from Bing Chat.


Microsoft Bing sometimes becomes overloaded, causing Bing Chat to fail. Try checking the Bing Server and try Bing Chat again with an active and stable internet connection. Additionally, clearing the cache, cookies and local session storage or disabling the extension can help you fix the problem.

You can also use Bing Chat on Edge and other browsers, but this requires you to sign in with a Microsoft account to continue the conversation. Errors usually arise due to missing personal information or corrupt browser data. You should be able to resolve the issue by using Bing Chat AI in your browser to ensure that such issues do not occur in the future.

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