Google Gemini AI Release Date Revealed


Google shook the AI ​​world when it unveiled its powerful new multimodal Gemini model on December 6, 2023. When exactly will developers and partners have access to this promising technology? Gemini Pro launched on December 13, while Gemini Ultra lasted until 2024 after extensive testing.

Touted as a major challenger to ChatGPT and other generative AI systems, Gemini aims to understand and generate text, images, audio and video. Google is gradually rolling it out in three versions: Gemini Ultra, Pro and Nano.

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Gemini Pro and Nano now available

While the most advanced Gemini Ultra remains under wraps for now, Google has already released two early versions of Gemini for developers and select testers:

Gemini Pro: Released on December 13, 2023 via Google’s AI Studio platform and Google Cloud’s Vertex AI. Focused on understanding text and images.

Twin Nano: Also made available to Android developers in December via Google’s AICore toolkit. Optimized for on-device applications such as Pixel phones.

By releasing these scaled-down variants early, Google can drive innovation and real-world testing while finalizing the more powerful Gemini Ultra.

Gemini Ultra Targeting 2024 launch

The fully released version of Gemini, called Gemini Ultra, will likely only be released end of 2024 based on Google’s estimates. This longer timeline will allow for intensive safety, fairness and security reviews, Google says.

Once Gemini Ultra has been vetted thoroughly enough for production rollout, it will be available for:

  • Select customers
  • Developers
  • Partners
  • Academic researchers
  • Safety experts

This guarded approach is intended to prevent potential harm from such a capable AI agent. But if successfully developed, Gemini could accelerate breakthroughs in sectors from healthcare to education and beyond.

For now, developers can start building with Gemini Pro and Nano, while consumers will experience Gemini’s gradual integration into Google products like Search and Pixel phones in 2023. The wait for the full potential continues…

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