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In the ever-expanding domain of academic research, the ability to efficiently find, evaluate, and use scientific articles is of paramount importance. This is where Scite AI comes into play. Scite AI is a robust tool that simplifies the process of discovering and reviewing research papers. In this article, we explore the steps to effectively use Scite AI to improve your research efforts. Whether you are a student, scientist or academic professional, Scite AI can revolutionize the way you approach scientific literature.

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Find and evaluate scientific articles with Scite AI

1. Search for relevant articles

The first step of Scite AI is to search for articles relevant to your area of ​​interest. To achieve this, follow these steps:

advanced search

Use Scite’s advanced search function. This tool allows you to enter specific keywords, authors, or topics to find articles that match your research objectives.

Find citation statement

Alternatively, you can use the Citation Statement Search option. This feature allows you to search for articles based on the citations they have received, giving you insight into the impact and importance of the articles.

Scite AI’s robust search capabilities ensure you find articles directly related to your field, saving you valuable time and effort.

2. Evaluate articles

Once you have identified potential items, the next step is to evaluate them. Scite AI offers in-depth reports that provide a concise summary of how a particular article has been cited and can help you identify the key arguments and claims made in the article.

These reports provide a comprehensive evaluation of the scholarly articles you encounter, giving you a deeper understanding of the academic landscape. This evaluation can be particularly valuable for assessing the relevance and quality of the articles you want to include in your research.

3. Writing your paper

With scientific article evaluation in hand, you can now compose your research paper. Scite AI streamlines this process by allowing you to integrate critical discussions and claims discovered through the Scite reports. Moreover, the Scite Citation Search feature helps you find suitable citations to effectively support your arguments.

Using Scite AI, you can seamlessly integrate scientific sources into your work so that your research is both informed and credible.

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Take advantage of the additional features of Scite AI

4. Create a custom dashboard

In addition to finding and evaluating articles, Scite AI offers the ability to create a custom dashboard. This feature allows you to get a comprehensive view of a specific research area or topic.

By using the custom dashboard, you can track trends, access the latest developments, and follow articles relevant to your research interests. This tool is invaluable for staying abreast of the ever-evolving academic landscape.

5. Use the Assistant tool

Scite AI’s Assistant tool is a game changer for researchers. This tool acts as a research guide and can help you find and validate research articles. Researchers can easily ask the Assistant tool for resources related to their work, and it will immediately return real research articles that can be referenced and linked to your research.

This feature greatly streamlines the source identification process, saving you valuable research time and ensuring the credibility of your work.


In short, Scite AI is a versatile and powerful tool for researchers. It simplifies the process of finding, evaluating, and incorporating scholarly articles into your work, making it an essential resource for academics and students alike. By following the steps in this guide, you can maximize the usefulness of Scite AI in your research efforts and ultimately contribute to more informed, well-supported, and impactful academic work.

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